Tonnara of Favignana

The Museum as an exhibition space

The imposing Tonnara of Favignana, symbol of the Florios' commercial empire, renews itself by opening its premises to the public, welcoming visits, hosting cultural events, exhibitions and readings

Tonnara Florio becomes a creative hotbed

The building offers a vast covered area, consisting of a large hall with three naves and the old garaging structures (Trizzane), a rare example of late 19th century industrial archaeology. The structure is in sandstone pointed arches, with a total covered area of 2500 square meters and an uncovered area of 3500 square meters. The Camparia is unique and suitable for hosting events at any time of the year.

Tonnara of Favignana - 1

The Lancia of Donna Franca Florio

Immerse yourself in the history of the Tonnara of Favignana by visiting its premises.

Inside the Camparia is the Lancia of Donna Franca Florio. This wooden boat, which ploughed the waters of Favignana for decades, was built by English boatwrights around the end of the 19th century using the water line design of the ancient whaling lances of the past: 6 m long and 1.5 m wide, it was propelled by six oarsmen to be a fast boat in its pursuit of whales.

The Lancia of donna Franca is a rare example of naval architecture. It arrived in Favignana at the end of the 19th century as a lifeboat from one of the Florios' yachts built in England. Left on the island and named 'Franca', it was used by Donna Franca herself and her guests for her excursions in the beautiful crystal-clear waters of the island of Favignana.

Tonnara of Favignana - 1